For Serious - More Serious Edition

For Serious is a hilarious satire of romantic comedies and no-budget filmmaking produced entirely in Austin, Texas. In this laugh-out-loud funny comedy, an unemployed lawyer attempts to make a movie in an effort to get closer to his new crush--an independent film actress.

Starring Jason Newman (6 Years, The Man from Orlando), Johnny Walter (3 Days, The Originals), Erica Heidepriem (Blessed, The Overman), Jordan Ray Fox (Heatman), and David Lee Hess (Revolution, Timeless)

This super deluxe "More Serious" edition includes the following extra special bonus features:

- audio commentary with writer/director John Sheehan and lead actor Jason Newman
- gag reel with bloopers and alternate takes
- deleted and extended scenes
- audition footage
- behind the scenes photos
- poster images
- the shooting script

Also Available

For Serious - Just the Film Edition

Just the film for those who are overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the "More Serious" edition.

For just $5 more, you can have the "More Serious" edition, which includes an audio commentary, deleted scenes, and more!